Diabetes management is tough. Through the DOC I was able to see other people’s experience in lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, and technology issues. Not only I feel they understand and have walked in my shoes but to learn in other patients “voices” is clear and empowering.

Mariana Gómez

I was diagnosed at age 19 and was completely alone with my diabetes for way too many years. Finding and engaging in the DOC changed my diabetes life. Like a marriage, for better or worse and in good times and bad, the DOC is ALWAYS there. The DOC allows for management to be “manageable” through support, education, advocacy and more often than not…by simply sharing a “you got this” an “ugh!” and some virtual hugs…

Cynthia Celt

The DOC has taught me that I am not alone in my life with diabetes and empowered me in the process.

The DOC encouraged me to develop and use my diabetes voice to help myself and others living with D, across the globe, and in my back yard.

Kelly Kunik

I found the DOC and it was relieving to start knowing other’s people stories. Starting to understand that other people passed through the same (or similar) processes, and learn how they handled it. Also the DOC gave me tools to communicate with people close to me, and to explain to them what diabetes is and how it makes me feel.

Rui Santos