The iDOCr team presented a poster at the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Congress, December 6, 2017, in Abu Dhabi. The poster, “Perceptions of Stigma in the Diabetes Online Community: Challenges of day-to-day living shared during Twitter chats” was presented during the “living with Diabetes” stream.  Several of the sessions in this stream related to iDOCr interests including presentations on using Person First language, empowering people with diabetes and sessions addressing stigma. The co-chair of the stream, Renza Scibilia, serves on the iDOCr advisory board.

Although the posters were available for view during the entire conference, during the podium presentation, they were electronically projected via a screen mounted near the podium for all to view. The set up created an atmosphere similar to a traditional live presentation, allowing more people to listen and ask questions.

We were in the same presentation group as the team from Diabetes Sisters, led by Anna Norton, who serves on our iDOCr advisory board. It was great to share the experience with them and to learn about the great work they are doing to support women with diabetes.

There was a discussion among several of the presenters and the audience regarding the desire to engage more people with type 2 diabetes in online peer support, one of iDOCr council goals!

Attending and presenting at the IDF congress was a great opportunity to increase awareness of iDOCr and the research we hope to conduct.

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